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Here are some schools that may be of interest in the following area(s):

Blenheim: 5 schools
Chatham: 20 schools
Dresden: 3 schools
Ridgetown: 4 schools
Tilbury: 4 schools
Wallaceburg: 7 schools
Schools - Kindergarten to Grade 8

Schools - Kindergarten to Grade 8

École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marie
105 Glenwood Promenade Chatham
École élémentaire catholique Saint-Francis
11 St Clair Rue Tilbury
A A Wright Public School
55 Elm St Wallaceburg
D A Gordon Public School
430 King St Wallaceburg
Dawn-Euphemia School
4587 Bentpath Line Dresden
Dresden Area Central School
941 North St Dresden
Gregory Drive Public School
180 Gregory Dr W Chatham
H W Burgess Public School
140 Lawrence Ave Wallaceburg
Harwich-Raleigh Public School
231 Chatham St S Blenheim
Indian Creek Road Public School
511 Indian Creek Rd W Chatham
John N Given Public School
92 Churchill St Chatham
King George VI Public School
227 Delaware Ave Chatham
McNaughton Ave Public School
480 McNaughton Ave E Chatham
Queen Elizabeth II C Public School
79 Eugenie St Chatham
Ridgetown Public School
19 Church St Ridgetown
Ridgeview Moravian
20473 Victoria Rd Ridgetown
Tecumseh Public School
287 McNaughton Ave W Chatham
Tilbury Area Public School
5 Mable St Tilbury
Victor Lauriston Public School
44 Alexandra Ave Chatham
W J Baird Public School
182 King St Blenheim
Winston Churchill Public School
30 Crystal Dr Chatham
Christ the King Catholic School
227 Thomas Ave Wallaceburg
Georges P Vanier Catholic School
20 Cecile Ave Chatham
Holy Family Catholic School
649 Murray St Wallaceburg
Monsignor Uyen Catholic School
255 Lark St Chatham
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School
545 Baldoon Rd Chatham
St Agnes Catholic School
55 Croydon St Chatham
St Anne Catholic School
183 Snow Ave Blenheim
St Elizabeth Catholic School
1350 Bertha St Wallaceburg
St Joseph Catholic School
43 St Clair St Tilbury
St Joseph Catholic School
25 Raleigh St Chatham
St Mary Catholic School
94 George St Blenheim
St Michael Catholic School
25 Maple St S Ridgetown
St Ursula Catholic School
426 Lacroix St Chatham
St Vincent Catholic
9399 McNaughton Line Chatham
Schools - Grade 9 to Grade 12

Schools - Grade 9 to Grade 12

Blenheim District High School
163 Chatham St S Blenheim
Chatham-Kent Secondary School
285 McNaughton Ave E Chatham
John McGregor Secondary School
300 Cecile Ave Chatham
Lambton Kent Composite School
231 St George St N Dresden
Ridgetown District High School
9 Harold St Ridgetown
Tilbury District High School
97 Queen St S Tilbury
Wallaceburg District Secondary School
920 Elgin St Wallaceburg
Ursuline College (The Pines) Catholic Secondary School
85 Grand Ave W Chatham