Services Provided When I List Your Property



  1. Immediately place our recognized sign on your property
  1. Immediately alert our office and Local Realtors of your property
  1. Develop a list of features and benefits of your home, for co-operating agents to use with potential buyers (feature sheets)
  1. Post on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – will include multiple quality photos of property and plenty of information to entice buyers
  1. Promote each listing – Your listing will be featured on our company website ( and my website (, in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), in the Real Estate section of the Voice, targeted e-mails, Open Houses and any other marketing vehicle that makes sense for your property—and the target market of potential buyers
  1. Promote your property to other Realtors – via our Office caravan, phone calls, e-mails, personal meetings—whatever it takes to reach potential buyers
  1. Follow-up – I will contact you to let you know the potential buyers’ level of interest, and tell you types of comments they made about your property
  1. Keep in touch throughout the process – You’ll never have to guess where things stand with the sale of your property